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From the Desk of the Coordinator
“Explore, Discover, Create”

I am excited to welcome you and your child to our Science and Technology (S&T) Summer Camp! As the coordinator, I am dedicated to providing a hands-on learning experience that is both fun and educational for your child. This year our campers will have the opportunity to delve into diverse exciting topics such as botany, natural disasters, coding, robotics and even the scientific method.

During the course of this program, we will be teaching valuable critical thinking skills, scientific reasoning, and problem-solving techniques.  Our specially trained demonstrators will guide campers in a series of exciting and engaging projects that will challenge them to use their creativity, curiosity, and innovation on a daily basis.

Over the years, hundreds of children between the ages of 6 to 11 years old have participated in this programme. A wholesome atmosphere is created where children are not only excited by the wide range of activities but they feel safe in a nurturing environment.

 For the next four (4) weeks campers will be fascinated by amazing experiments and activities. They will conduct experiments, create projects, meet practicing scientists and engineers, and take trips based on the theme of the week! The tours will be diverse as we seek to expose children to science in the real world.

Our tours this year will include an exciting Scavenger Hunt – an entire day at the beach, exploring at least one of the topics on the programme and having fun. The Discovery Quest and fun hike will take us to Turners Hall with our trusted tour guide, it will be so much fun.

A packed programme awaits each and every camper since there is so much in science to explore and discover. This promises to be a transformative experience for your child, providing a foundation for lifelong learning and a creating passion for S&T. We look forward to an unforgettable summer filled with new discoveries, exciting challenges, and endless fun.